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Irene Carmichael

Hi, I'm Irene Carmichael. Although I have spent time living in Georgia and Germany, I now reside in Mansfield, Ohio where I was born and raised. I am married to a wonderful man who totally supports my crazy weather obsession. I also have two sons and one daughter, all adults, who think their mother is nuts but they love me anyway. After being out of school for 30 years, I returned to college and graduated from THE Ohio State University with a bachelor's degree in English. I am now retired and able to spend my time pursuing my favorite obsession, the weather, and working with this great StormViewLive team. I am SkyWarn certified in both regular and advance and am currently continuing my education in weather-related subjects. My fascination with weather started when I was very young and we lived on a farm. With no radar or computers at the time, I learned how to read the skies, a skill that is quickly fading. I attended my first SkyWarn meeting back in the late 60's when the program first began. However, I didn't become certified until cell phones became an approved method of communication. I have witnessed several funnel clouds and there was this rotating wall cloud that I was running from, however, I have yet to see a tornado. In my spare time I enjoy reading, both fiction and non-fiction, watching my Ohio sports teams play (Go Buckeyes), watching classic movies, and playing with my cats. (Yes, I am that crazy cat lady.) I am also an avid Whovian. I am also an unpublished author but being published is on my bucket list.

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