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Charles Peek

I am Charles Peek from Springdale, AR in the beautiful area of Northwest Arkansas. I am married to my wonderful wife of 33 years, Kathy. Kathy will chase with me when her schedule allows and we are planning our 2nd “Chasecation” this May. I have 3 grown children and we added our first grandchild to our family last year. While I have always had an interest in weather, I only started chasing storms 3 years ago. In 2015 I got real serious with it as technology has advanced to the point I can take my work office with me as I travel to the chases. I chased about 30 days this past year and in August was asked to join the local KNWA/FOX24’s storm chase team. While photography is a big passion of mine and especially storm photography, I have over the last several months started live streaming my chases as well. I am excited to have been added to the StormViewLIVE team this month and look forward to being a part of all the exciting things this team has in store for the upcoming chase season. You can see much of my photography work on my website and make purchases, if desired, there.

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Charles Peek
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