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David Baxter III

Born and lived in Ohio for most of my life. I am 24 years old and am engaged to my beautiful fiancée Whitney. Will be married in September 2017. I have studied Meteorology at The Ohio State University for a few years part-time. I currently am on a break waiting to save up for more classes. Weather is my Passion. It has been my passion since I was a kid when I was almost struck by a lightning bolt. I use to sit in front of the TV and binge watch The Weather Channel and got very excited when weather was on the way. When I got my driver’s license it was game on for storm chasing. For the first few years I stuck to my home state and chased local setups. After beginning my studies in Meteorology I became more confident in being able to forecast setups and expand my chasing area. I learned the ins and outs of model forecasting and how to read radar. The last two years I have upped my game even more and consider myself a seasoned Storm Chaser. I Love chasing every type of weather from snow to tornadoes and everything in between. I have chased in about every state East of the Rocky Mountains with the exception of the North East states and a couple South East states. Every new year I try and challenge myself to become better. The thing I enjoy the most about weather and storm chasing is the photos you can capture on the road. Photography has become another hobby of mine and love to get that perfect shot. On top of loving the weather, I enjoy helping those that are impacted or are threatened by severe weather. I am a trained weather spotter for the NWS and am taking actions to become more qualified in helping with first response. That about sums up me! Enjoy!

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David Baxter III
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