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Gary Naese

Hello my name is Gary Naese. I live in a small town outside of Kankakee Illinois and have lived within 40 miles all my life around the same area. I have been married since 1979 to the love of my life Donna, which gave me three fantastic boys and now 3 grand children. I grew up in a family of firemen and cut my teeth on the microphone cord of the dispatch radio at my parent’s home when growing up. I ended up on that same fire department being the 4th generation on it and had to leave when I moved out of district. I have always been fascinated by the weather and when in grade school one of my teachers said someday they will see my name on the weather news. Well along time has gone since then and the fascination hasn’t diminished. I really got interested and wanting to get better info out to people when in the tornado outbreak of April 27th, 2011 my brother lost everything he owned at the Hackleburg-Phil Campbell , Alabama F5 tornado and I went down to help in recovery work. I spent 7 day’s down there and seen some things you could not believe. One of the things was thou they knew that there was bad weather possible they did not hear any warnings and was caught completely by surprise when they did finally hear the warnings the tornado was on them. They did survive but the destruction was unreal. After that I decided to get more involved and became a Skywarn spotter from our local NSW branch KLOT. Since then I have also taken many Met ED radar courses and also taken most of the NWS radar courses they have to offer to learn on what to watch for on radar to get better warnings out to friends and family. At the same time as doing the radar courses I got involved with StormViewLive as a radar tech to help keep the chasers safe by watching their backs. They know what is going on around them but it’s what is 20 miles away that will get them. Many hours of training and spotting have gone into what I love and when the time does arise I try and get out too see and video the weather as it comes my way.

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Gary Naese
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