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Jason Rohrer

Hi y'all, my name is Jason Rohrer, better known to many as Bubba, the self proclaimed Resident Redneck of this great team known as StormviewLive. I'm a 38 year old Daddy of two awesome daughters, step dad of two more young ladies, and "Pap" to a grand total of six grandkids whom I lovingly refer to as "The Heathens." Originally from Ohio, I now reside in the village of Mulberry Grove, Illinois. I'm employed full time in landscaping, so I can actually get away with saying I'm paid to play in the dirt. I guess I've always been fascinated by storms, growing up I can remember the summer storms rolling through my hometown, usually with an awesome light show and a lot of noise for my young ears to enjoy. In my life's travels, I've witnessed several tornadoes, for the most part they were all small and thankfully, short-lived. Fast forwarding to now, I've been witness to a few tornadoes in my adopted hometown, having damage dealt to my home as well as almost being blown off the road in a messy yet successful attempt at outrunning one. My favorite encounter with Illinois weather involves a barbecue grill, a carport and a storm documented for spawning an EF2 tornado that tracked just to the southwest of my end of town, sparing a lot of detail, I'll just say dinner was a bit soggy that night. 

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