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John Moon III

Hello everyone,

Thank you for taking a moment to stop by and read my page! I am very excited and truly honored to be a storm chaser for StormViewLIVE! As most of you guys know, storm chasing costs money; so if you feel inclined to donate, then feel free to do so and let me say thank you in advance for your patronage! I became fascinated with weather ever since I was little. I moved from California to Missouri in 1992. I experienced my first hailstorm in Missouri. I saw hail falling and I thought at first that I was seeing snow; I soon realized it wasn’t snow after I got hit in the head with it. Weather has been a major passion of mine for quite some time. I started storm spotting in the spring of 2006 and really started to become a part of the chasing community in 2010. I went to the University of Missouri-Columbia to get a degree in Meteorology, however after the Joplin, Mo tornado, which was a life changing event for me, I changed my major. I got my Bachelors of Science in Crisis and Disaster Management with an emphasis in Emergency Management from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Mo. The Joplin tornado truly had a significant impact on my life. I felt so useless when I was unable to medically care for those who were injured, so I decided get my Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Life Support license, and was licensed in the summer of 2012. I am also a very scientific minded individual; I have a true passion for scientific research. I have had some papers published in the Missouri Academy of Science for various research projects with the University of Missouri-Columbia for various research projects and have participated in government research projects. I am an official collaborative research partner with the University of Missouri-Columbia for severe weather research and other various atmospheric science research projects. I have a true passion for weather and I feel that it will never truly die! A lot of people ask me why do I storm chase, this is what I have to say.” I have always been fascinated with weather phenomenon ever since I was young. I enjoy experiencing the shear power and magnitude of mother nature. I have a genuine passion and interest in helping other people. My purpose when storm chasing is to provide, proper time sensitive information and gather scientific data that could ultimately save lives. I hope that some of the research that I conduct will help with severe weather/weather forecasting. I have personal ambition to be part of proper warning dissemination, so lives can be saved, that is why I chase.”

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John Moon III
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