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Rich Lewis

My name is Rich Lewis, and I reside in Paxton Illinois, a small farm community in north eastern Illinois. I am a storm chaser and extreme weather photographer here at StormViewLIVE and am also a registered storm chaser/spotter with the Severe Weather Observation Program (SWOP) out of the two Illinois NWS offices in Lincoln and Romeoville Illinois (ILX & LOT). I am a key contributor in providing them with ground truth verification during severe weather events to help them issue timely warnings as needed. Weather wise I have worked closely with the University of Illinois Physics Lab and the UIUC Meteorology Dept. that works in conjunction with precipitation, synoptics, mesoscale and cloud dynamics, microphysics, and radar and passive microwave remote sensing of precipitating cloud systems. I was brought on by the U of I Physics professor to work on a project and help grad students better understand the behavior of certain clouds and features associated with thunderstorms as they were conducting a project on experiments in fundamental physics related to certain storm structures. They were doing numerical and theoretical representations of complex flows in quantum liquids related to thunderstorms. I was referred to the U of I for this project by George N. Kiladis, who is the head of the Physical Sciences Division of the NOAA Earth Systems Research Laboratory in Boulder Colorado. It was an honor to work with them. In my spare time I teach lightning safety and severe weather preparedness at grade schools and middle schools locally. I got into doing this after I survived a lightning strike on June 26th, 2011. I attended the University Of Wisconsin in Madison in 2009 and have a certification in labor and employment law. I am a father to two amazing twin girls who also share my passion for storms.

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