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NameTotal LikesTotal Medals
Derek Smith1064352013101
Cary Meltzer897311214410
Jessica Klein526313101125
Nathan Moore102928177301
Ken Enquist99227155700
Blake Brown6782396800
Justin Frantzen3391826840
Jane Blair2721412521
Dennis Becht2061222323
Dan Smith2461124320
Bill Davis2061114510
Rich Lewis215954000
Joseph Austin Williman191933210
Jason Weingart314871000
Kerry Hutchings177823120
Charles Russell117804211
Jacob Delong146802420
Drake Lewton133800710
Gary Gondek119701510
Tammy Smith181723110
Freddy Mckinney227724100
Brandon Munson69602310
Max Olson209550000
Justin Flickinger190522100
David Hegner106420200
Justin Wenzel65412100
Stanley Harper79410120
Raymond Scholl84401300
Blaine Childress57301200
Daryl Weather42301110
David Baxter53303000
Joyce Fountaine64302100
Josh Frye43311100
Cory Marshall81311100
Jeremy Den Hartog55201010
Andrew Livermore41200002
Gary Naese26200020
AJ Ayers21200101
Kory Poggenpohl27200200
Joseph Pacelli38200200
Charles Mauk39200200
David Rich39201010
Paul Grogan23200101
Laurie McCann14201100
Dale Kaminski37211000
Christine Veerkamp30201100
Barry Gray69220000
Storm Fanik65220000
Jason White123220000
Paul Goddard91210100
Asaff Saab de Souza65210100
Kevin Sheely28210010
Jeremy Dean Rogers42201100
Andrew Lyons11100100
Matt McCune18100100
Tonya Borden17100100
Danette Cochran15100100
Melissa Flemming15100100
Brian Nelson14100100
Mark Current14100100
Dylan Allen13100100
Josiah Maas11100100
Lisa Mazura26100010
Trent Bosler11100100
Mike Russ11100100
Nora Hensley6100100
Debbie Beach2100100
Daniel Lutzke23100100
Ginger Latcham25100010
Josiah Maas15100010
Clima Extremo13100010
Paul Nichols12100010
Cameron Venable12100010
Chris Dickerson11100001
Lucas Gooding22100100
James Longwith12101000
Judy Cherry23100100
Charles Peek36101000
Nick Smith69110000
Brian Kral64110000
John Thomas Moon III45110000
Dustin Flowers40110000
Sharon Merkel-Colyer37110000
Bailey Allard35110000
Jeff Stephens33110000
Cody Alan Paul62101000
Alex Haworth38101000
Chris Holstein32101000
Taylor Wright25100100
Isaac Schluesche29101000
Jennifer McMahan26101000
Jerrod Harris23101000
Justin Kafka21101000
Jeff Bulin18101000
Billy Wade14101000
Michael Marz12101000
Brandon Hammons45100100
Jason Bednar30100100
Hayes Nelson10100001
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