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*** To Find our Zello channels just click on the channel tab and type in StormViewLIVE and you should see all of our channels.

There is a main channel, 5 SVL LIVE CHASE channels and 2 SVLMedia LIVE CHASE channels.***
Zello Rules
  1. Channels are English only.
  2. There will be absolutely NO Drama. This is a ZERO TOLERANCE RULE and you will be banned if heard to be causing any.
  3. Be courteous and respectful of others at all times.
  4. The StormViewLIVE main channel is for all ages. Absolutely no swearing on the main channels. The LIVE CHASE Channels will be moderated but there may be slips from chasers but it is to be kept clean as well. The Office does not apply.
  5. Anyone trolling the channels will be blocked immediately.
  6. Moderator's decisions are final.
  7. No Racism, Insulting, illegal activities within any SVL Channels.
  8. No fighting/arguing in the channels.
  9. Profiles must be clean especially the picture.
  10. Please use the 3 second rule when keying up on all SVL Channels except the LIVE CHASE Channels there will be a 5 second key up rule in place.
  11. There will be no bashing of other chasers/ chase teams / zello channels.
  12. Chaser BLACKLINE (very very rare).. If a chaser is in imminent danger the chaser or moderator without chasers permission may put the channels on lock down. All Channels of SVL except other LIVE CHANNELS that may have chases going on will be put in this Blackline. The moderator in charge of the chaser will inform the other channels. Only the guide helping the chaser and the chaser may talk on the channels at this time unless asking someone else specifically to do something. Call them/ Call authorities etc. Chaser can be called in Blackline if:
    - In the path of a tornado and communication is lost.
    - In a flash flood warning and communication is lost.
    - For an accident and communication is lost.
    - Search and rescue efforts ongoing (zello channels needed for communication of important information).
    - Any injury to the chaser (if warranted).
    - Any circumstance that puts the chaser’s life in danger.
Channel Specific Rules
  1. StormViewLIVE Main Channel:
    - Topics may vary but should be focused on the weather.
    - 3 Second Key up.
    - Anyone may talk.
    - Anyone may join the channel.
  2. StormViewLIVE LIVE CHASE Channels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5:
    - Live chase talking only!!
    - StormViewLIVE members or guides only can talk.
    - Chaser and no more than 3 others at a time. Otherwise DO NOT Key up unless you have been assigned. If you need to get something across, the main channel or office are other areas to say something.
    - Normally a chaser is assigned a guide. This may also be 2 people with one handling radar information while the other handles directions. A 3rd may be added in 1 circumstance ONLY. If that person has NWS Chat and is passing on chat information from that particular storm ONLY.
    - 5 Second Key up rule unless the mods/chaser declare Blackline for the chaser in harms path and then there must be a 15 second key up after chaser finishes a key up. Unless otherwise specifically asked by the chaser.
    - Guides must find replacement before leaving a chaser or the live chase that is ongoing. Chaser must be comfortable with this switch.
    - In the end all decisions are ultimately the chasers. Please be respectful even if you do not agree. They may see something you don’t. A lot falls on what the chaser is comfortable with.
    - 1 Chaser per channel unless in the same specific location then merge the chasers together in the same channel.
    - Everyone may listen.
    - All prior rules pertain.
  3. StormViewLIVE Office:
    - StormViewLIVE related talk only.
    - No outsiders. SVL Only.
    - Chasers and guides check in here to be assigned to LIVE CHASE Channels for chasing or helping.
    - Any issues within the team are to be handled here.
    - 3 second key up rule here.
    - Interviews conducted here.
SVL Logo Media Disclaimer:
ALL Media/Videos/Photos/Livestream is in no way allowed to be used in anyway without prior authorization by SVL Media or by authorization of the specific chaser/SVL member as well. All Inquiries should be directed to (531) 500-7300 or via the SVL Media link above.

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